RocMe – Increase the ROI of your event

RocMe is short for ‘Return on Conferences, Meetings and Events’. We offer you services, consulting and software  that will help you get more ROI from your event, convention or meeting. Times have long gone when inviting, register and following up of participants or visitors to an event was done haphazardly. RocMe has assembled years of experience with organizing events in one powerful tool: an Event Management Platform.

Event Management Platform – Your event becomes intelligent

Eventdrive – our event management software – is the engine of the RocMe Event Management Platform. It was made by and for event managers, based upon 3,000 productions and it is integrated with our on-site hospitality service. RocMe co-operates with strong technology partners who can commit your audience with your event even stronger. Eventdrive is the intelligent way to handle the invitation, registration and follow-up of your guests, participants or visitors.

Why the Event Management Platform by RocMe?

It offers you one clear dashboard that gives you control over all ins & outs of your event: from the invitations, registrations and payment up to the analysis of the results. Eventdrive offers you intelligence in two ways. First, the intelligent software helps you with the flawless organization of your event. Moreover, the registered data yield invaluable information about the people who were present at your event. Data, which you can feed seamlessly into your CRM system for further analysis and follow-up. You can apply lessons learned to your next event, in terms of segmentation of target audiences, audience engagement, success or the lack of it of the various components of your programme, etc.

How do you (or does your event manager) experience the Event Management Platform?

The Eventdrive software and RocMe guide you step by step through de successful organization of your event. With Create you can work out all details of your event, from the selection of the location up to payments and possible discounts for early birds. With Design you can create (or have created) your event website, make your emails, make segments and personalize your messages. With Invite you plan and synchronize your communications schedule and tasks in your Outlook calendar, you deduplicate mail lists, you develop registration procedures (for one or more target groups) and you send (possibly via your own email platform) the invitations, reminders and thank you letters. Register offers you handy surveys with compete information and status of your guests, partners, payments, communications history, workshops visited, etc. 

RocMe turns Hopsitality into an experience

The first impression your guests get is important. RocMe can help you out here with complete logistic service for the welcoming of your guests and live badging. A warm welcome takes more than mere badging. We can assist you with parking allocation, cloakroom, Q&A and reception, seat allocation and distribution of goody bags. We apply the rule of ‘the right person at the right place’ strictly in order to offer your guests the best possible experience. Did you know that by means of live badging, you can cut on crew costs up to 60%, given the fact that each badging desk can welcome up to 250 invitees per hour?