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Grown from passion

Eventonline was born out of years of experience and passion for everything that has to do with online marketing, entertainment, unique locations and parties.

Erik Wood started Eventonline in 2005, in the pre-digital era. Online marketing was not yet a priority for companies back then. Many didn’t even have their own website and often didn’t even see the point in having one.

Fast forward to today, we know much better. Online marketing is the most important thing there is for a company. And that’s where Eventonline comes in as an important hub for companies who want to position themselves in the corporate event world, also known as the MICE market.

For several years now, Eventonline has been the indisputable No. 1 portal site in the events world.

In the meantime, Eventonline has grown from a portal website to a full-size communication agency, where we do video marketing, content marketing and social media marketing in addition to advertising. We are fully committed to all aspects of online marketing. For example, we have our online magazine Mice Magazine, where you can always find the latest news in the MICE sector.

We work hard to stay on top of our game with our strong team. We continue to innovate and grow in order to offer our clients and visitors the best. It is our mission to be the most important bridge between supply and demand in the MICE sector.

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  • Erik Wood
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    Content Manager
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    Admin & Sales

You can advertise too

If you are not searching yourself, but would like to be found, you are also welcome to join us. Every professional quality supplier of products or services within the leisure and events sector can advertise through Eventonline. Our website is updated daily to be the most complete and clear event guide.

Eventonline is a strong portal website that serves as a very good idea database and is always at the top of the Google search results.

We want web surfers to find the way to your offerings quickly and easily. An unsurpassed search engine creates order in the chaos of search results on the Internet through our website.

To further increase your efficiency, we offer various services to make your online communication rock-solid on all possible channels. For example, we regularly send out newsletters to our database of 46,000 customers, but we also have our online magazine Mice Magazine, our social media channels and much more. Contact us for more information.

You want to organise something?

You want to organise something? Good idea. That decision is the first step. And then you start surfing. Virtually, that is, to www.eventonline.be. Everything an organiser needs in terms of inspiration, information, communication and services can be consulted on our site in the most complete form.

We have turned our speciality into a well-oiled enterprise that will search for you for the most suitable party rooms, the most creative caterer, the most beautiful hotels, top locations for your meeting, congress or seminar, fun teambuildings and even the most original artists. Our experience is your guarantee. We only bring you in contact with the top of the bill. Consult our website and you will certainly find what you are looking for.

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