Hold a unique event in the heart of Brussels that will stimulate the senses of your guests (T&T venue)

Welcome to the fascinating world of the World of Mind (WOM), a unique museum of illusions and magic located in the heart of Brussels, on the historic Tour & Taxis site. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary sensory experience where reality merges with illusion and your senses are put to the test.

At the WOM, every event becomes an unforgettable adventure, whether it’s a day out with your clients, a lively presentation, or a staff party. Explore a captivating universe where science and entertainment meet, with 120 illusions that defy the limits of human perception.

Take advantage of our 150m2 multimedia-equipped event space, with a 360-degree rotating podium, ideal for dynamic presentations or impactful meetings. Add a touch of magic to your event by calling on Maxime Mandrake & Friends, our illusionist, for personalised close-ups and spectacular effects.

For an even more unique experience, immerse yourself in our thrilling escape game, where you’ll have to face the dreaded Mister MOW and save our reality from his deadly illusions.

Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect formula to make your event unforgettable.

– Opt for an exclusive evening, where your guests can stroll through the exhibition corridors after the exhibition has closed to the general public, while enjoying a (scientific) drink or a (walking) dinner in a spellbinding atmosphere.

– Looking for a daytime experience? Take advantage of our event space for a presentation, magical close-ups, breakfast or lunch, before plunging into the world of illusions. And why not extend your day on the Tour & Taxis site by discovering the hidden treasures of Brussels on a guided tour (arkadia.be / korei.be), relaxing on a canal cruise (waterbus.eu), or enjoying a craft beer at the Brasserie de la Senne?

At the World of Mind, every event becomes an unforgettable adventure, where science and fun come together to stimulate the senses and amaze the mind. Contact us today to plan your next experience at WOM, where reality becomes illusion and illusion becomes reality.