Holding meetings in a green oasis, very quietly located on the Antwerp-Brussels axis with ample parking space? Then you are in the right place at the Science Park University of Antwerp in Niel – a stone’s throw from the A12 and E19 motorways.

The site is home to promising start-ups, growers and large companies active in the Health & Environment sector. Our Incubator Darwin building is the inspiring workplace for start-ups. Central to the space is our cosy coffee bar Harriet where our barista pours the best coffees, taking the working day to the next level. Our small lunch menu includes soup and croque-monsieurs. In addition to our incubator, since 2023 there is also the Isala Building, the ideal place for growth companies and large businesses.

Isala building: Rosalind Franklin

In the Isala Building, so named after Isala Van Diest (1842-1916), Belgium ‘s first female doctor, you are guaranteed to meet in the best possible conditions. Our air-conditioned Rosalind and Franklin rooms are ideal for conferences, training courses, large meetings, presentations, lectures, press conferences and other events. The partition wall between the two conference rooms can be removed in a jiffy, creating the Rosalind Franklin (100 persons). Rosalind (30 persons) is arranged in a U-shape as standard, while the Franklin room (40 persons) is arranged in a theatre setup. If required, we also provide matching lecterns in this room, making note-taking much more convenient. Both rooms have state-of-the-art screens that can be connected to your laptop in no time thanks to the Clickshare software. So you can hold business presentations that matter. Cosy afterglow can be had in the adjoining foyer, which can also be hired for reception or networking space.

Small meeting: Crick, Watson, Wilckins

Looking for a space for smaller meetings or online meetings? Then discover our range of meeting rooms listening to the science names Watson, Crick and Wilkins. All three rooms can accommodate a maximum of eight people.

At Isala, too, all those who are hungry don’t have to go far. The ground floor houses our food room where you can use a snack and soft drink machine. If you want to treat your guests to a hot dinner, our multifunctional event room where catering companies can use our most advanced oven and cooling systems is the place for your future corporate event.


Between meetings, take a smooth break in the foyer with coffee machine. In combination with the foyer, Boardroom Toxodon and Auditorium Beagle also lend themselves to networking events or symposia with catering facilities provided by Coffee Bar Harriet.


Parking is easy as you can use the spacious car park on the opposite side of the Isala building.

Experienced team

Moreover, an experienced team is on hand to help you organise your event and guarantee that it runs smoothly.

Can’t find what you’re looking for among the range of meeting rooms and event spaces? Then visit our page on Incubator Darwin, just a minute’s walk from the Isala building.