nhow Brussels Bloom’s “Dare to Explore” meeting concept seeks to inspire and motivate meeting participants with meaningful tales and portraits of successful personalities. Thanks to their creativity, ambition and drive, these role models have been able to turn their good ideas into reality.

The photos, quotations and success stories of these inspiring people adorn the outer walls of our meeting rooms, forming a unique gallery of inspiration.

• 2000 m2 of inspiration
• 12 spacious meeting rooms
• Creative catering

• 1 exceptional breakfast room

• 1 picturesque restaurant and bar

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Restaurant, kitchen, and music
The restaurant is nhow Brussels Bloom’s pleasant, original and stylish living room where you can take a break at any time of the day and enjoy the 7 various mood stations. Select the mood that fits your frame of mind, then pull up a comfy armchair and order the dish of your choice from the extensive menu.

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