Domein De Vesten – Meeting Location in Laakdal

Whether it’s for a half day or a whole day, we can offer you a suitable package. Coffee, tea, fruit juice and mini coffee biscuits are provided as standard to welcome your guests, as are drinks and cake during the coffee break. Depending on whether it’s a sandwich lunch or a hot lunch, you can opt for standard or deluxe. You can start morning meetings with a huge breakfast buffet.
Paper and pens, desk pads, mints and iced water on the table are provided as a matter of course.

And in a room equipped with the latest communication devices:
• beamer and integrated screen + sound amplification with built-in speakers
• wireless Internet and fixed Internet points
• 100% black-out with adjustable lighting and climate control

An additional benefit to ensure a successful seminar at Domein De Vesten is its ease of access. Close to the Geel-Oost exit from the E313 Antwerp-Liège.