Studio 3: Multifunctional Event and Concert Hall

At the end of September 2016, Studio 3 opened at AED Studios in Lint. Studio 3 is the brainchild of Jan Kerckhofs, a 27-year-old musician from Edegem known for his weekly passage in the Morning Show at Q-Music and his popular music videos on YouTube that reach a total of one million hits.

Studio 3 is basically a black box space with an area of 550 m² which is fully equipped as a multifunctional event and concert hall. Especially this multifunctional hall shows a great asset. The room is equipped with a large stage and fantastic light and sound equipment, but each organizer who rents the hall, is free to determine its set-up. For a live concert, this hall can have approximately 500 people (standing). The room is also perfect for a walking dinner or sit-down dinner, for serving more than 300 persons.

Unique Facilities
Its strategic location in a green area and surrounded by the many professional facilities AED Studios has to offer (parking, dressing rooms and backstage, production rooms, toilets and cloakrooms, foyers and meeting rooms), makes Studio 3 a popular location for concert and event organizers. Product presentations, fashion shows, conference or corporate events with live performance at Studio 3, it’s all possible due to the versatility of this ‘black box’ which is equipped with all the professional audio-visual facilities.

Plug & Play
Thanks to the link with AED Studios, Studio 3 is also a ready-made permanent concert hall. Rent the hall today, play your music tomorrow. Hence, Plug & Play.