Discover ‘Area 53’, the ideal venue for team building activities during your corporate event!

In the desert north of Las Vegas lies the mythical ‘Area 53’. Known as the mysterious military base of the US Air Force, where, according to legend, the remnants of a crashed UFO are stored. Access to the heavily secured area of Area 51 is prohibited to everyone. Fortunately, there’s ‘Area 53’, located on the outskirts of Antwerp, where everyone is welcome. This modern Indoor Activity Center is situated in an excellent location opposite Fort 4 in Mortsel.

Exciting team building activities

Area 53 offers a wide range of authentic and unique indoor activities, perfect for corporate events, staff parties, or team building. From e-karting, Simrace, and wavesurfing to bowling, arcades, and interactive games, there’s something for everyone. The latest technologies ensure an unforgettable experience.

Get excited!

– e-kart: Race like Mario on Area 53’s over 500-meter-long circuit with advanced electric karts.

Simrace: Explore world-famous Formula 1 circuits like Spa and Francorchamps with our state-of-the-art race simulators.

Wavesurf: Enjoy surfing on Area 53’s wavesurf, a unique indoor surfing experience in Belgium.

Bowling: Experience a unique bowling adventure with Area 53’s SPARK bowling. Choose from 15 themes and even project company photos onto the lane during the game.

Arcades & Interactive Games: Looking for additional entertainment? Try our arcades and interactive games.

At Area 53, you’re guaranteed a fantastic team building experience with colleagues or a staff party. Success is guaranteed, regardless of the weather! Team building events can even take place outside regular opening hours.


Enjoy contemporary street food dishes and traditional Flemish cuisine at ‘The Pitlane’ restaurant, located in the heart of the activities. With various delicious catering options, the possibilities are endless.


Area 53 is easily accessible via the highway or public transportation. By bike, bus, or train, you’ll be there in no time!