The Outsider Coast – The Labyrinth

Lost in the fortress? The Labyrinth takes you for a walk in its secret halls. By solving enigmas, mystery solvers and passing exciting tests you will find your way out of the labyrinth. Knowledge, competence, sportsmanship and luck are the factors to play this lifelike game. Each team plays the role of a paw in the mysterious hallways…

Follow the evolution of each team on a huge game board in the arena, the centre of the fortress. Every time you roll the dice, you can choose between sports, Martial Arts, wisdom or luck to progress in the game. Then you pass challenging tests and enigmas to find your way out of the fortress.

Don’t be too impatient to reach the end. During the game you collect ‘trump cards’ which can be exchanged to use a short cut or to ward off bad luck. This way you have the possibility to reach the end more successfully. Excitement and fun are ensured!

Some examples of tests :

-Music from the coffin
– Do not tremble
– A walk in the dark
– Climb the rope
– Fear factor