MeetingKempen is a collaborative arrangement between the Antwerp Province Tourist Office and some 40 companies in the meeting industry (‘MICE’) in the Kempen region near Antwerp. The aim of the organisation is to position the region as a unique location for meeting and team-building facilities. These facilities need not yield the palm to what is available in cities, highly industrialised or densely populated areas.

Why the Kempen region?
Would you like that little bit extra? Do you need some relaxation after the meeting? Would you be happy to trade a meeting for a surprising activity?
In the Kempen region of Antwerp province, you will find superb hotels and seminar rooms, right next to delightful forests and lakes. The best region, therefore, for a ‘meetcentive’: a meeting linked to an incentive or team-building activity. Take a boat as the backdrop for your meeting, or make that troublemaker from the meeting your target in a game of paintball ….

Silence has become a rare gem. The Kempen is one of the last regions where you can meet undisturbed with your colleagues or clients. You don’t need to scream to be heard. No honking horns or roaring motorcycles outside the door. Ideas will begin to ring clearer by themselves.

Nothing is more annoying than spending hours in traffic to attend a staff outing. Or participants who arrive much too late for the time management training. Bad for morale and for the quality of your meeting.
In the Kempen region, you have no such worries. Whether coming from Brussels, Antwerp, Hasselt, Liège or Eindhoven, you can get to the Kempen very fast. No kilometre-long tailbacks en route. Here things keep moving.

In search of fresh ideas? A place that will inspire you? In the Kempen you will find lots of room to think. In the green surroundings, you are both at work and on a break. Make a brief stop at a lake, get some fresh air in the woods or host a product presentation in the garden: here it’s all possible.
The natural surroundings of the Kempen lend themselves perfectly to team building and incentives. From a jeep safari to a visit to an abbey, from herding sheep to rafting or even an underground team-building event in an old fort.

MeetingKempen will guarantee that your company outing is always a very specific experience. De Kempen gives a blast of oxygen to your business.