If you are looking for a pleasant location to meet and eat, you will certainly find a suitable location in Restaurant Marcel. This fine establishment is housed in a historic building, in particular the ‘Dawson Memorial Church, The Missions to Seamen’, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings of the fashionable ‘Eilandje’ (‘Little Island’) in Antwerp. The sailors’ church dating back from 1912 was therefore thoroughly renovated resulting in the current stylish restaurant.

Chef Dave De Croebele and his kitchen crew stand for quality. Each and every day. Michelin too has not overlooked the chef’s cooking talent. He received nice quotations on several occasions. Whether you opt for his French cuisine classics or for a delicious light dish, the freshness and great taste can be savored in every detail. The Menu Marcel is not only a must for a larger party, it’s always a guarantee for delicious dining.
Owner and wine consultant Serge Verboven presents in Restaurant Marcel a balanced wine list with both top vintages and his favorites from Burgundy, Piedmont and Tuscany. Based on the Menu Marcel, he always selects genuine gems by the glass, from a range of more than 300 references. From the terrace of Restaurant Marcel, you can enjoy the lively ‘Eilandje’ and the panoramic view of the MAS museum.

The building also lends itself to B2B activities such as company events, meetings, but can serve as a conference location as well. Beamer and flipchart are available.
Restaurant Marcel is equipped with two meeting rooms, each with a unique atmosphere. The smaller room ‘La Madeleine’ exudes an intimate living room feeling and is suitable for up to 20 persons (lunch from 8, dinner from 14). In the larger room ‘La Mathilde’, which fits up to 50 people (lunch & dinner from 21), you imagine yourself in a theater around the turn of the century, including grand piano and velvet curtains. Customized formulas for companies are available at a simple request.
Because of its central location in the center of Antwerp, on the ‘Eilandje’ – near the motorway and Antwerp Ring – Restaurant Marcel is easily accessible.