Koezio: Largest Indoor Adventure Park in Brussels

With a surface area of ​​6,000 m², Koezio Brussels is the largest indoor adventure park in the Belgian capital. Koezio is therefore a unique training center with various group games specially designed to increase the cohesion within your team so that its members get to know each other better. The very first Koezio park opened its doors in 2006 in Lille, France. Because of the enormous success, parks were soon opened in Sénart (south of Paris) and Cergy (north of Paris). In 2016, the fourth park was inaugurated in Brussels, the first one outside France. In the near future, expansion in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain and Germany is foreseen.


Your company at the center. Koezio has all the experience to help you with your ideal teambuilding, recruitment and personal self-development. The goal of the training center is crystal clear: to develop unforgettable moments for your company together with you. From your arrival at Koezio to the personalized debriefing, every effort is made to make your activity in the training center a success. You therefore choose a formula that best suits your company and together with the Koezio experts you can put together a perfectly adapted program for your team.

Cooperation and Cohesion

Test your speed in gigantic game modules, surpass yourself and help each other on the altitude trail, decode secret codes, solve riddles, stay alert under all circumstances … Koezio promises exciting experiences and moments of pure pleasure. To participate, however, you do not have to be an athlete nor an intellectual. What counts is working together: increasing the cohesion within your group. In times of smartphones and individualism, Koezio wants to offer a pleasant alternative, during which you have to play together for 1.5 to 2 hours to achieve your goal. Every team member contributes in his or her way to a successful mission. It is therefore primarily a unique and positive form of edutainment that brings people closer together. Ideal for team building activities.


Koezio offers four formulas to meet the highest expectations of your company.

  1. Enjoy my team;
  2. Work hard, play hard;
  3. Discover my team;
  4. Develop my team.

Koezio is accessible from two players onwards and is suitable for young and old, sporty and less sporty. The level can be adjusted per group. Attention: for security reasons, participants must be at least 1m40 of height!


In addition to the indoor adventure park, Koezio also has meeting rooms, a dining room and a lounge for an aperitif or meal after the mission.