Gourmet Invent – Creative quality catering

Event catering is never routine. That is our challenge and therein also lies also our greatest strength.
We look after your event at the location of your choice or, if you prefer, at one of our exclusive locations for between 100 and 10,000 guests.
In the collaboration that we as a caterer engage in with you, we work along with you to come up with creative solutions of the highest culinary and organisational quality. We ensure your event is a success.

Innovative catering concepts
Our attention is devoted to more than what you see on your plate. The way in which it is presented is just as important, in our view.
Gourmet Invent puts a great deal of effort into hospitality with specialised assistance, advice and trendy concepts.
Gourmet Invent stands for creative quality catering, something we achieve through innovative catering concepts: Theme concepts, show cooking and two patented logistical solutions for offering a high quality service to large groups; the Pièce Montée and our rolling buffet.