Silverspoon – Exclusive Brussels caterer

In Wijnegem, a stone’s throw from Antwerp, is the central kitchen of the renowned ‘Silverspoon’ catering house that is part of the Claessens & Van Dooren group. The company’s kitchen is not just any kitchen. Fully HCCP approved, covering 900m² in all, here the freshest ingredients are turned into legendary dishes with true artistry. 

Silverspoon organises parties of a very high calibre, with a carefully planned food designs for beautifully appointed dinner tables and buffets, every last detail closely attended to and tip-top serving staff in appropriate uniforms ( at a range of surprising locations …. (various company locations in Belgium and Italy).

Organising a banquet or party that fits perfectly with the image and character of a client is a true challenge. And that of course is the ultimate goal of a Silverspoon party! You can thus count on a highly personalised and efficient service. A logical consequence of this approach is that you can expect this caterer always to provide you with a very clear offer. ‘No more unpleasant surprises’, in other words.

The vision can best be described as: contemporary, innovative, unique, worked out right down to the smallest point … The Silverspoon team creates exquisite dishes with an eye for detail. FOODDESIGN is at the top of their lexicon. Every dish deserves the ‘wow’ factor!

The greatest challenge facing the Sliverspoon staff is to surprise not only your guests, but you too, with a beautiful and unforgettable event.

When one speaks of Silverspoon, you think of catering at the highest level, where every detail matters. And that is why the Silverspoon team will proved you with advice and help in everything you need.

The name Silverspoon was no arbitrary choice.

A little work of art, a unique detail suited to each table, perfect and enduring.