Huzaar, that’s an enthusiastic team of regulars and fresh freelancers who work hard together to make great things happen, from splashy events to in-depth video content.

Always believe in magic

Even if the day starts grey or the coffee is not black enough, we go for that magical experience. People come in, take off their coats (and worries) and mouths fall open. Bam! A successful event gets under the skin and reverberates. Time and again, Huzaar uses video, sound, light and creative content to tell a story that sticks. And after more than 25 years, we also know: it’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.

No worries for the rest of your day

Because did we mention that we are extremely professional? Not a single material box goes out the door without extensive quality control. From the initial creative concept to coordinating the technical management, combining our creativity and expertise ensures fireworks. Trust our craftsmanship. We think along, we take care and we unburden. So that clients can fully enjoy their event.

Together we can do so much

Huzaar has the best of both worlds: the creativity to score and the technical skills to reach the top carefree. For our clients, but also for our partners, freelancers and permanent staff, we go to extremes. We owe the fact that we are a high-level creative agency to the delightful gang of talented professionals we work with every day. Our hussars!

Kind people are our kind of people

By which we mean to say that personal contact is so important to us. We have a passion for events, but we work with people. So every collaboration starts with a cool, personal meeting and we provide a central point of contact throughout the process. We work focused but with an open mind, always curious about our client’s story.

We have more than 25 years of in-house experience, but are still fresh and hungry. We also keep growing: more creative ideas, more power and passion, more clients and therefore great productions, more space in our remodelled basecamp in Deinze.