The Outsider Coast – Beach fun 

Half a day to actively enjoy the sea and the beach with the following program:

If you choose a full day of beach fun, you get to do all the below mentioned sports. If you choose half a day, you get to choose one water sport (sea kayak or sea rafting) and one dry activity (beach sports or kick bike or kiting).

Sea rafting
Sea rafting is a team sport with 6 to 12 people in a big rubber boat where you try to defy the wild water.
There is only one way to keep on the right track: collaborating and following the orders of the steers man.
Sea rafting is a spectacular activity that you can do as teambuilding, outdoor activity or as an adventurous sports day.

Sea kayak
Armed with a paddle, swimming jacket and a special sea kayak, we defy the breakers and sail into the waves. Then we turn the sea kayak and let the waves take us back to the beach… Heavenly! Sea kayaking gives you this awesome feeling of freedom.

Our sea kayaks are completely safe.

Beach sports
The beach offers you an enormous amount of possibilities. Depending on the weather forecast you can choose between a game of Frisbee, Beach hockey, Giant earth ball, beach volley,…

Back to childhood and fly kites? Not exactly.

The name kiting already shows we’re talking about a modern variation here: the current kites cannot be compared with the kites that we know from our childhood.

The kites are ease to control so you can make very nice figures. The activity kiting is fun, and not as difficult as you would think. After the introductory course by our instructors, you will be totally crazy about this sport.

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