Meeting facilities

AMUZ rents out various meeting rooms during office hours. If your meeting includes catering or a concert visit, these rooms are also available outside office hours.   

Conference facilities

AMUZ’s event hall is situated in the 17th-century nave of the former St.-Augustine’s Church in the heart of Antwerp and seats ca. 400 persons. A pulpit and a large screen are available on stage.

Event facilities

AMUZ is a unique venue for (classical) concerts and other performances. The acoustics in the main hall are excellent and all technical facilities are present to let your event take place under the best of circumstances.   


AMUZ has all the technical facilities of a modern concert hall. All technical installations were discreetly integrated into the historic monument. A lot of attention was spent on suppressing external noise and vibrations in the concert hall: acoustic panes have been placed in front of the church windows and an isolated, double flooring has been constructed on top of the arched roof. Acoustic curtains allow you to correct the echo in the hall. Consequently, instrumental as well as vocal music can be performed under the best circumstances.

Seating arrangements & stage.

In its standard seating arrangement the concert hall has a capacity of 391 spectators, 334 of which are of category 1 quality, i.e. having optimal visibility. The other 57 are of category 2 quality. The seats in the hall are not secured to the floor which allows alternative seating arrangements. A flexible stage and a maximum of 499 chairs can be placed in the hall. The fixed stage is 8,5 by 9 meters and can be extended both at the front and the back. The fixed stage can be made accessible to the audience, when using alternative seating arrangements. Do you desire a particular construction? Don’t hesitate to confer with us via


AMUZ has five individual dressing rooms, four of which are equipped with a shower, a toilet, a sink, a refrigerator, and a safe. There are also two dressing rooms for groups with a shower, sinks and toilets. All of the dressing rooms, except dressing room B, are accessible to wheelchair users by elevator. The non-smoking dressing rooms are located close to the stage and green room. Music stands and chairs for pianists, cellists and bass players are available in AMUZ. The organization can also provide other equipment and various musical instruments.

Ticket service

AMUZ can print the tickets for your event or handle the entire ticket sale for you.