Waerboom – Local Oasis of green space just outside Brussels

‘Would you like to stay and/or meet at a local oasis of green space just outside Brussels? If so, be sure to come and have a look at the Waerboom.

Our seminar centre has more than 10 various rooms that together can hold more than 1000 people. The flexible arrangement of each room ensures that there are unlimited possibilities for product presentations, incentives, staff parties and similar items. The Waerboom is perfectly suited to your needs as organiser of company events.

The central venue of our complex ensures easy access from all corners of the country. Our spacious and free parking spots gives the finishing touch to this location.

Our hotel also provides overnight options for your guests who may come from further afield. The 45 rooms offer 4-star comfort and are equipped with a bath and/or shower, toilet, hair dryer, TV, minibar and telephone. All the rooms are decorated with verve in an Old Burgundian style. Our hotel also has a pool and sauna.
We can also provide 20 studios for longer stays. The studios are equipped with a kitchenette.’