Kinepolis Liège: the event location for your conference, seminar, corporate event or reception

Are you planning a conference, seminar, corporate event or reception? Then your event location should be easily accessible to everyone, including by public transport, provide plenty of free parking, have the right look and style, have all the necessary technical equipment, offer catering services tailored to your requirements, and give you all the support you could ever wish for. You want to receive your guests in style and achieve all your goals.

Sound familiar? Then Kinepolis Business is your ideal partner and Kinepolis is the place to be.
When you think of Kinepolis Liège (Rocourt), do you spontaneously think of the cinema? Well, you’re right. But Kinepolis Liège is so much more than that. It’s the ideal location for all kinds of events, from an exclusive presentation for VIPs to a large conference with a walking dinner for hundreds of participants – and everything in between. Discover our packages.

Corporate events
For all your company events, from a small presentation or a seminar ‘for professionals only’ to a large conference, a product launch or an information fair – separately or combined – Kinepolis Business has the right solution for you. Our B2B team is ready and waiting to help you work out the details of your concept from A to Z.

Event with film
It goes without saying that Kinepolis is perfect for any event in which ‘film’ is central and audiovisual comfort is essential.For example, a preview screening, a premiere or private screening for your customers, business associates or employees, enjoying a classic film together. At Kinepolis, you can do all of that in style. You even have the option of joining official preview screenings of new releases. At these events, the cast addresses the theatre guests either before or after the film and you get to enjoy the glamorous red-carpet moment.

Spectacle in the Cinema
Films aren’t the only thing that can take centre stage at your event at Kinepolis; other types of spectacle that have a bigger impact on the big screen and with advanced audiovisual equipment are possible too. How about an event with stand-up comedyopera, a concertballetArt at the Cinema (museums behind the screens), etc.

All cinema theatres and multipurpose rooms can be used separately or in combination. That means that it’s really easy to organise a general presentation, separate workshops or training sessions, a reception/networking event and a walking dinner in just one place. 

Kinepolis Liège: an event location that exudes luxury
For a small reception for a select audience or a prestigious presentation with a walking dinner for hundreds of guests: you are always welcome at Kinepolis Liège. 

  • Located in Rocourt near Liège, near the E40 (Brussels) and E313 (Antwerp – Aachen).
  • Plenty of free parking near the complex.
  • Sixteen well-equipped rooms for 209 to 699guests, with luxurious seating, leading-edge projection equipment and excellent image and sound quality.
  • Three multipurpose reception areas: Mezzanine for up to 699 guests, Privilège for up to 499 guests and Lumière for up to 110 guests; all three are also suitable for walking dinners etc.
  • Our experienced catering partner will draw up a tailor-made proposal, from a select reception to a walking dinner for a few hundred guests.

Are you looking for an event location in Liège that is easily accessible for everyone (with plenty of parking spaces) and provides state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment (including live streaming), where all catering services are tailored to suit your requirements and a professional team is on hand to help you? Then let Kinepolis Liège surprise you with everything it has to offer! Get more inspiration and information here!