i-Hotel Services an innovative hotel revenue management service provider for hotels looking to increase their revenue. We provide experienced, skilled revenue knowledge focused on distribution management, RevPAR performance and daily hotel revenue management support.

How do we perform your revenue?

All services are adapted and personalized to the particular needs of each hotel. Depending on your needs, contract the services you require and benefit from our experience and knowledge with the objective of maximizing profits.

Our Services:

Revenue Consulting, Training & Coaching

It is a one-on-one training located at the job site. In fact, it is probably the most popular training method because it ́s the most effective and efficient one. 

Revenue & Online Distribution Audit

Comprehensive audits and recommendations are undertaken at different key Revenue Management factors, including: product alignment, competitive benchmarking, strategic pricing, demand forecasting, business mix manipulation and distribution management. 

Outsourcing RM & Online Distribution (full-service-provider)

In outsourcing Revenue Management, a property can benefit from a broader range of experience and a wider range of sources. We take over your Data Management, evaluate and  monitor  Daily Pick-up Data. We  analyze and compare rates and inventory to implement a very competitive Pricing Strategy.

i-Hotel Academy

It´s my passion and I feel obliged to train, coach and accompany students.

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We can perform your revenue.