Welcome at MeetDistrict!

Are you looking for a stylish, inspiring and healthy office, event or meeting environment? Then you are at the right place.

MeetDistrict is located in Berchem, Brussels, Diegem and Ghent and offers our customers/Members a full serviced, exclusive and productive workspace. Every day our Community Hosts make sure our customers don’t have to worry about any practicalities. Next to that our Members have access to our intelligent application for all overarching features, such as accessing the parking lot, ordering coffee of entering meeting rooms.

Work as you are

You can move into one of our PrivateOffices where we can provide up to +80 work spaces, or into our SharedOffice at your own attributed desk. Prefer a clean desk? Then choose between a FlexSeat in our LoudDistrict or SilentDistrict, or our buzzing SocialSpace. What your day looks like and where you spend it is up to you. We make sure it’s just a matter of plug & play.

Hop into one of our PhoneBooths or book a MeetBox if you want to talk in private. Every meeting room is standardly equipped with a presentation screen and stationary, additional facilities can be requested , so you get the maximum out of your meeting.

Book one of our BreakOut Rooms when you have a project or training for a bigger group in mind. We are able to facilitate up to +80 people in these rooms. Are you plans even bigger, then we are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss all possibilities.

Team MeetDistrict

At MeetDistrict we have one motto: happy to help! This goes for our FrontOffice and BackOffice team. We work amongst our customers, meaning we are available to feedback at all times. Doesn’t matter whether we grant it before or behind the scenes, for us serviced workspace is a serious matter and we will always help you with the biggest smile.

Smart & healthy workspaces

What we consider indispensable for an ideal work environment is appearance, efficiency, health, sustainability and service. Enjoy a cosy, yet corporate work environment with plenty of daylight, a constant CO² monitoring and a strong internet connection. Trust our material choices and enjoy the granted independence of our MeetDistrict application which has been integrated into all of our work and meeting facilities.

MeetDistrict Brussels is situated next to the Brussels’ small ring road and just a stone’s throw away from not only the Madou underground station, but multiple bus stops as well. At just 15 minutes walking, you’ll find yourself at Brussels Central Station. We are situated in the very city centre, making this an ideal spot for those who enjoy a buzzing environment.

Hungry? Next to the standard facilities of our MarketPlace, you can enjoy numerous lunch options in the neighbourhood. And Team MeetDistrict is always at your disposal to arrange something as well. Happy to help!