Café Local – Events location on the South side of Antwerp

The popular venue Café Local in the Zuid in Antwerp is currently undergoing renovation, although regular party nights are continuing to be held in the meantime. Every aspect of this well-known venue is being revamped and optimised, to give it the capacity for a greater variety and larger number of events.

Parties are still being held, but to a lesser degree than in recent years, and this is a conscious choice. The owners want to turn Café Local back into everyone’s ‘place to be’, for party-goers and businesses alike. The Cuban character will of course remain intact, as this is what has made Café Local such a unique venue for years.

Meetcentive is the trend
Café Local can lay on a fantastic evening for up to 1,000 guests, but also offers possibilities for groups of 150 to 200 guests. In addition, the location is also available as a seminar space, which can optionally be combined with a function afterwards. This is definitely a growing trend among businesses. Meetings take place during the day, followed by some serious partying by way of reward. This avoids the business having to get everyone together twice by organising separate events, so there are also savings on catering and venue hire: two birds are killed with one stone.