An exceptional setting – enjoy in style at the BELvue Museum

Seize your opportunity to organise your events in a sumptuous neoclassical setting! Located right next to the Royal Palace of Brussels, the BELvue Museum offers, thanks to its six spectacular rooms, all the space you need for meetings and a dip into Belgian history.

Enjoy a touch of grandeur in one of our four exquisite lounges. The tall windows flood each room with light and the decadent details, such as marble fireplaces, chandeliers and ornate mouldings, exude an air of ancient luxury that could rival a 19th-century royal residence.

Immerse your guests in the luxurious splendour of the Atrium, once part of the Hotel Bellevue, now renovated into an enchanting reception area. The magnificent glass roof lets in natural light and creates an elegant setting for any special occasion. Step outside and experience the idyllic terrace surrounded by lush gardens – perfect for relaxation on hot days! Whether hosting a private event or celebrating with family and friends, this unique venue will make it truly unforgettable.

Thanks to your support, the BELvue Museum is also able to make a difference by investing all proceeds from room hire in educational projects around citizenship. These efforts have already made over 600 free workshops for schools possible each year!