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Located just a stone’s throw away from the European institutions and close to the historical city centre of the Capital, Thon Hotel EU is a pleasant and convenient stop for all those who want to feel the beating heart of Brussels. This marvellous 4-star hotel has 405 rooms and a restaurant named « The Twelve » in reference to the 12 stars on the flag of the European Union. It has a magnificent outdoor terrace and also a bar whose reputation is growing since the opening.

Indeed, the willingness of the latter is to become the place to be for all who wants to approach the fascinating world of great whiskies. With an exceptional card of more than 185 references, The Twelve bar presents what is probably one of the finest selections of malts in the country.

It is precisely to value those treasures and meet a growing demand of enlightened amateurs, that The BXL Whisky Club has been created within The Twelve brand. This society of great whisky lovers aims to offer his members a range of activities and exclusive tastings made possible thanks to special partnerships.

Organised in a venue specially dedicated and fully equipped with audio-visual facilities, the activities of The BXl Whisky Club will revolve around major thematic tastings but also visual presentations as well as food-pairing experiences. A series of discovery trips to production locations will also be organized for members who, in addition, will have access to exclusive, limited edition bottles.

The member is bond to pay an annual fee of € 150,00, which will be largely offset by impressive gifts such as the gift box and joint membership card to the famous Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Edinburgh. Furthermore, members of The BXL Whisky Club will receive a permanent discount of 15% on the prices of The Twelve whisky card and will have free access to four tastings per year. They will also have invites to various exclusive parties organized around the theme of food-pairing and offered at the price of € 90,00 (€ 180,00 for 2 covers, with in this particular case an overnight stay at the Thon Hotel EU from Friday to Saturday or Saturday to Sunday).

The activities of The BXL Whisky Club will always be under the sign of relaxation and friendship, but also sociability and education, with the ambition to demonstrate that a good mood does not exclude professionalism. Whether the tasted products are from Scotland, Ireland, Japan or even Belgium, only one Gaelic word well-known by malt lovers summarizes the spirit of this new society: Slàinté !

For more information, contact us @ thebxlwhiskyclub@thonhotels.be

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