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Although his hotel is located in the center of Brussels, Benoît Dubuisson from ‘The Hotel’ chooses to be present on the promo booth of VISITFLANDERS at the IBTM World Trade Fair in Barcelona.

“Since Belgium is represented at IBTM World by its 3 regions, it’s always a difficult choice on which promo booth you want to be present. Our presence here with VISITFLANDERS is related to our long relationship since the opening of The Hotel in 2013 and a sound partnership. I’m very satisfied with the marketing & communication and the booth itself is quite good. I hope that VISITFLANDERS continues to promote and focus on Brussels as well. The new booth is open and more inviting. It seems bigger, although it is smaller in comparison with the previous year. But it’s perfect for networking.”

Benoît Dubuisson’s main agenda at the trade fair is meeting new potential clients and networking with current ones who he doesn’t have the opportunity to meet quite often, due to distances. He also noticed the domestic market has reconverted quicker than the international while lead-time have been shortened as well.

‘The Hotel’ is definitely one of the most unique conference hotels in Brussels. A fantastic team with a client centric approach makes the magic happen for every event! With 420 bedrooms and 12 meeting rooms gathering up to 400, and the best views over the city The Hotel is regularly praised for its capacity, excellent services combined with a top-notch location in Brussels most vibrant area.

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