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Over the past years, Jan Spooren, Director People Development at Carlson Rezidor, has conducted trainings in so many Radisson Blu hotels. He explains why he likes Experience Meetings so much.

“Setting the right tone & scene is crucial for a successful training. Delegates have to feel open to learning. Content is important. But even more important is that delegates feel comfortable and well taken care of.”

“I have been using different set ups and my favourites by far are round tables and smaller groups within a meeting room as well as bean bags and even sitting on the floor. The discussions open up and participants know from the start that ‘this is going to be different’.”

“We don’t want participants to go into ‘sleeping mode’ after a coffee break or lunch. So we try to avoid the ‘sugar rush’ breaks. A balanced offer has a phenomenal impact on the attention span of your delegates. Our ‘Brain Food’ concept is the living proof that these types of offerings can look AND taste very good!”

“As a trainer, I am very proud of the Experience Meetings concept we have created at Radisson Blu. The right setting to make delegates feel comfortable, Brain boxes where inspiration can go wild, Brain Food to keep the delegates focused and free WiFi to stay connected.”

Vergaderen in een andere ruimte en sfeer zorgen voor die extra inspiratie waardoor meetings succesvol worden. Om buitenshuis te vergaderen, hoeft u niet ver te gaan. Duik eens onder in bruisend Antwerpen!

Het Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel is ideaal gelegen tegenover het Centraal Station van Antwerpen. Met zijn 18 flexibele zalen en gratis draadloos high speed internet voor iedereen, behoort het Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel Antwerp tot de beste vergaderlocaties van de stad.

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