Genk, Rise to the occasion

Genk, located in Belgian Limburg, is currently transforming for the 3rd time in exactly 100 years. After World War 1, the city rose out of the dirt due to the coaling industry. Attracted by the Black Gold, many Belgian and international immigrants formed a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, until today known for its unique collectivity. In the sixties Genk evolved towards a key role in automotive, being an important Ford-site in the European markets and thus creating job opportunities for over 20.000 people. On the foundations of the past, and with the amazing willpower of the community, the city now successfully transforms again. This time, towards a future fueled by word class expertise in Health, Energy and Creativity..

MeetinGenk is the convention bureau of the City of Genk and offers free advice on preparing/organizing your business activity in Genk.
Inspired by the coal that charged the economy in Genk, we as MeetinGenk want to charge your challenge!

  • 67.000 inhabitants
  • 2nd largest city of B-Limburg
  • Former mining city – transformed into a young & dynamic hotspot
  • Located in the centre of the Euregion
  • Close to international airports Brussels, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Liège, Düsseldorf
  • ’50 drive from Brussels; 20’ drive from Hasselt & Maastricht
  • Gateway to the only National Park of Belgium
  • 3 Flanders Heritage Venues (selected by Tourism Flanders): Bokrijk, Thor Central en C-mine