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For its 30th anniversary Autoworld is treating itself to a new zone and placing more than 12 supercars “… in the Spotlight”

Autoworld is 30 years old!

While giving prominence to the location’s history this is an anniversary not only looking to the future but also extensively harking back to the motorcar (r)evolution of the last 30 years! For the occasion the museum is treating itself to a new permanent area – namely the “Media Room”. But over and above all Autoworld remains a car museum, and to celebrate its 30th anniversary, “in the Spotlight “ it will display “30 Years of Supercars”. Autoworld has brought together more than twelve exclusive cars that were the stuff of dreams for numerous fans over the last thirty years.

The “Media Room”, a new zone to celebrate 30 years in style To mark this anniversary Autoworld has just created a new zone on the museum’s first floor: the “Media Room”, which will be open to the public as from the 15th September 2016. In a decidedly contemporary environment, even futuristic, contrasting with the 135 year-old historic building, this “Media Room” is comprised out of three distinct areas fitted with screens where the seated visitors will have the opportunity to view specially created informative and interactive films played in a loop.

The following themes will be tackled:

The little known history of the building where Autoworld established itself and which was where the first Car and Cycle Shows (who still remembers?) were organised; as also the overall history of the Cinquantenaire site;
– The history of the Autoworld museum since its creation in 1986;
– The evolution of the motorcar over the course of the last 30 years

In the main space, fitted out with some thirty seats, the films will be viewed on a large screen in four languages (French, Dutch, English and German). Depending upon the museum’s activities and temporary exhibitions, themed videos might also be added to the current films. A selection of historical documents, photographs, posters and miscellaneous objects recalling the museum’s history will also be exhibited, supplemented with a selection of noteworthy motorcars of the last three decades.

From the 15th September through to the 23rd October 2016 – 30 Years of Supercars… in the Spotlight

If on the one hand the Oldtimers are acknowledged to be a sound investment since many years, as yet this is not the case for these “new classics”, namely the Youngtimers. Apart from the younger generation who are full of enthusiasm for these cars linked to their memories of youth and adolescence. The Youngtimers are but a mere 20 to 30 years old. They date back to the ‘80s and the beginning of the ‘90s and have an ever increasing number of followers. Far more affordable than the Oldtimers, they also boast numerous other advantages such as the availability of spare parts, relatively low maintenance costs and an inexpensive insurance. As from the 15th September and through to the 23rd October 2016, the Youngtimers will be back on show at Autoworld next to the models already exhibited in the museum’s permanent collection. And as cherry on the cake for its 30th anniversary, Autoworld went in search for some fifteen supercars that were all the rage over these last 30 years. Exclusive, exotic, sporty machines … such as a Mclaren P1 GTR , a Bugatti Veyron, a Porsche 918, a Ferrari F40, a Honda NSX, a Jaguar XJ220, a Lamborghini Countach… and other mythical vehicles that have left their mark these last few years. An exhibition definitely not to be missed under any pretext for the aficionados of exceptional coachwork!

Practical details:

Autoworld – Esplanade du Cinquantenaire – 1000 Brussels
Open daily – even on Monday – from 10.00 through to 18.00hrs up until 30/9 (up until 17.00hrs in the week as from 1/10)
Museum entrance fee: 10€/adults – 8€/seniors – 7€/students – 4€/children 6-12 years – free for the under 6 years.
Information : www.autoworld.be or +32.2.736.41.65 – and on the Facebook fan page

30 jaar Autoworld!  Een nieuwe zone en 30 jaar supercars!

De afgelopen jaren hebben we heel wat verjaardagen in de kijker gezet: de verjaardagen van prestigieuze merken, bekende & mythische modellen, spectaculaire overwinningen en historische piloten. Deze keer zijn wij zelf aan de beurt want het museum, Autoworld, bestaat in september 30 jaar.

Naar aanleiding van deze speciale verjaardag – en speciaal voor U – openen wij een gloednieuwe zone in het museum, de ‘Media Room’.  

In een hedendaagse en zelfs futuristische omgeving – die fel contrasteert met het historische gebouw dat 135 jaar oud is – zijn drie verschillende ruimtes ingericht met beeldschermen, waar de bezoekers informatieve en interactieve films kunnen ontdekken die speciaal voor dit initiatief werden gemaakt en die continu worden vertoond.

Autoworld is en blijft een automobielmuseum en ook voor deze gelegenheid werd een nieuwe in the spotlight ‘30 years of supercars’ uitgewerkt. Autoworld brengt een 12tal ‘supercars’ samen die het autolandschap de afgelopen dertig jaar gedomineerd hebben. 

Zoals u kan zien bruisen we nog steeds van energie en enthousiasme! Aan plannen en ideeën voor de toekomst hebben we dan ook geen gebrek …

Achter de schermen zijn we momenteel druk in de weer met de voorbereidingen van onze volgende expositie, die zal plaatsvinden tijdens de eindejaar periode, 100 Jaar BMW!

De ‘Media Room’, de nieuwe permanente zone in Autoworld

De verjaardag van Autoworld staat niet alleen in het teken van de toekomst, maar er is ook ruime aandacht voor de geschiedenis van het museum alsook de (r)evolutie die de automobiel de laatste 30 jaar heeft doorgemaakt.  Naar aanleiding van onze verjaardag krijgt het museum er een nieuwe permanente ruimte bij – de ‘Media Room’.

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