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Is our AV-industry back on track?

With 39 participating countries, 500 journalists and a 190 million viewers worldwide, the 65th edition of Eurovision was once again a huge success. We can discuss about the quality of songs and performances, but the 3 live shows with 3500 enthusiastic people were undoubtedly AV- masterpieces.

More than 600 rigging points kept 280 tons of equipment in the ceiling. Approximately 2,5 km of trussing, almost 1.800 automated lamps, nearly 900 m² LED with almost 22.000.000 pixels in the main screen, 500 m cable trays, 4 km speaker cables, 8km fiber, 12 mixing consoles, 300 speakers, 1.500 m LED strips, 16 light tables, 120 wireless audio channels, 25 cameras, 7 tons of decor, … Around 6.000 people made this all possible!

Eurovision made one thing clear: our AV-industry is definitely ready to be back on track! We are all impatiently waiting for our different markets to reopen safely.

Is our AV-industry ready for the (new) future?

After more than one year of virtual and small hybrid events, the Eurovision Song Contest was a welcome comeback to live for the participating AV companies and their technicians. After a long and deep hibernation, our job restarted where it ended with Covid-19. Only some stiff muscles were for some a new aspect!

Is this the start of a new hectic period, like it was before Covid-19, with last minute customers making you look again for extra material, skilled technicians and more transport. Sometimes for an event just around the corner, other times for a gig somewhere in Europe. Will it once again be a hassle to find solutions in time, and within the budget? With probably less technicians available, maybe even less rental companies that remain on the market?

AV-Kloud might be just what our AV-industry needs!

Whenever and wherever you need extra sound, light, LED, rigging, AV-accessories or crew, AV-Kloud can help you find the right experienced technology and production partner.

For more than 10 years this project was food for thought in Belgium. It became realized, programmed and tested in Prague offices over the last 2,5 years. Covid-19 brought an extra year of development and fine tuning, and now this platform is ready to be the AV community’s rental marketplace across Europe. Especially in the recovery period we are entering, AV-Kloud can help to save more time, make better and faster deals and save on logistic costs.

Triggered? Check the website : www.av-kloud.io, and try it yourself. To help our sector to come alive and kicking again as soon as possible, AV-Kloud is now offering its services completely free!