‘Mens sana in corpore sano.’ A healthy mind in a healthy body. A clear head and iron legs. That’s what a bike incentive on Mallorca with Fred Rompelberg Bicycle Holidays can offer you. After all, as a new trend, more companies are putting vitality and health of their employees on top of their agenda. Cycling is a popular sport that can attain these principles. Moreover, many CEOs, managers or employees are cycling enthusiasts. Therefore, why not opt for a bike incentive on Mallorca with Fred Rompelberg Bicycle Holidays and enjoy an unforgettable sporting, culinary and yes, even cultural trip with your company.

Impeccable Organization

Fred Rompelberg is no rookie in organizing cycling holidays. On the contrary. Fred Rompelberg Bicycle Holidays has been organizing several cycling trips for more than 25 years now, supporting many companies and organizations in achieving a perfect stay on this beautiful island. Fred Rompelberg organizes your getaway on Mallorca to perfection, with genuine attention to your needs, whether you are with a few colleagues, the entire company, or only traveling with your business partners to this cycling paradise.

Bicycle Destination N°1

After all, Mallorca is bicycle destination N°1 in Europe for quite some time now due to an outstanding cycling infrastructure and a breathtaking scenery. Combine all this with an easy accessibility from wherever you are in Europe and an obvious choice is made. Whether you are a voracious road hog or just a recreational cyclist leisurely exploring the island, whether you want to network or just relax, you can count on Fred Rompelberg Bicycle Holidays for your travel to Mallorca. We organize your trip from A to Z, including hotel, road bikes, road maps, culinary delights and cultural highlights and most of all … an unforgettable experience.

Contact Us!

You probably still have some questions to ask us. So, don’t hesitate and send us an e-mail at jetse@fredrompelberg.nl for more information on the extensive opportunities or to request a free price estimate.

See you in Mallorca!