At Oceandiva’s sailing event venues, events really come alive. Experience the freedom of the water while experiencing the vibrant energy of the city. The blank canvas of the Oceandiva Original and the Oceandiva Futura call for the most creative ideas; as a result, the possibilities are endless. With a capacity of 100 to 1500 guests on board, Oceandiva offers the place for an unforgettable business event in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and London: a world apart.

Tailor-made events

While the Oceandiva Futura has three different levels with panoramic views of the surroundings thanks to its large windows, the Oceandiva Original has a five-metre-high ‘black box’ with a void as an eye-catcher. The Oceandiva Nova has a state-of-the-art design, the latest technologies and sails with a battery of 2.2 MW of power.

The modern, warm-looking spaces of the Oceandiva ships serve as a blank canvas. This allows events to be fully customised to the client’s wishes in terms of appearance, décor and branding. With Oceandiva, you go for a completely tailor-made event!

The freedom of the water, in the heart of the city

Experience the freedom of the water and make your business event an unforgettable experience full of inspiration. The multifunctional rooms are suitable for all kinds of events. Think of a roadshow, product launch, brand event, car launch, a dinner with a view of the city skyline, a fashion show including catwalk or a summer festival that also uses the quay. The feeling of being on the water combined with the convenience and accessibility of the city makes every business event a unique experience. In short, Oceandiva combines the facilities of an event location in your favourite city with the freedom of a ship.

Sustainable event location

Oceandiva is taking the lead in a more sustainable future for the events industry. For example, our ships run on special biofuels, we work with sustainable partners and save on water use. The Oceandiva Nova is the world’s first CO2-neutral event ship certified with a Platinum Label from Green Award. Choose Oceandiva, choose a more sustainable event!

Experience your own event as a guest

At Oceandiva, we think proactively with our clients and dare to be critical for the best result and high level of service. As a result, our clients find it a relief to be able to enjoy their own event as a guest.