Pure Liner – Floating event location
The Pure-liner is Europe’s most respectable floating event venue. The ship has an ultra-novel interior and is ideally suited for product presentations, trade fairs, meetings, kick-offs and company parties.
Built in 1934, the ship served under the name ‘Nicoline’ as a towboat travelling the Rhine between Rotterdam and the Ruhr region. In 2005 this more than 70-year-old working ship was given a breathtaking make-over.
The Pure-liner carries on board a mix of creative treasures such as furnishings, entertainment, interior decor and culinary services. It is fitted with all the technical gadgetry necessary for a high-quality event. A unique environment where you can welcome your guests to each event in a truly distinctive way.
The ship can accommodate groups of up to 650 people, is available in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, and thanks to its dimensions can sail just about anywhere you want.