The Suite 101 by BMW Brand Store is now offering you an unprecedented limited-time event location: The Suite 101, in the heart of the capital.

You work hard, why not play hard? Are you the type of person that really works productively, with control and determination, is counted on by his or her colleagues, as well as the family, and who is grateful for both the success as well as being able to share it with those who really matter? If so, you are ready for a short spell in the exclusive kingdom of the “business athlete”, the Suite 101… Between colleagues and friends, or with your business relationships.

The Suite 101 is a unique concept! Dedicated to active men and women who bring success with them everywhere they go, and who appreciate the refinement of a special moment. This place is tailor-made for you…. Here,  you can share the best stories, and savour the exceptional, in a setting in the heart of Brussels, hidden within the Suite 101 by BMW Brand Store.

During your Suite 101 experience, you can host up to 26 guests, all gathered round an exquisite table, in the ambiance of 2 lovely lounges, where a new BMW model is presented as a preview. You will enjoy a gourmet 5-course dinner and a tasting of exceptional new wines.

Or maybe you’d prefer the second option: an Apero Lounge for you and up to 48 guests, all enjoying an aperitif in this exclusive setting. The evening will be punctuated by a turntable-booth with a DJ spinning his vinyl. What better way to end a long work day, and exchange impressions with your guests?

A team of hostesses and gourmet chefs are at your disposal to make you live an unforgettable moment … Never has an experience shown the exclusivity of BMW so clearly.