KonseptS – Event Consulting
Does your budget not allow you to outsource your entire event to an event organiser, but you would like some professional advice?
Do you organise events quite often but are in need of good ideas?
You have trouble finding a suitable location, the right restaurant, the perfect caterer or the most efficient team-building programme?

KonseptS helps you find your way through the enormous range of locations, programmes, caterers, gift items, restaurants, etc., on offer, in its capacity as a consultant. This means you don’t have to entrust your entire event to KonseptS.
KonseptS can help you select high-quality partners since it knows the market, the services available and the pitfalls to avoid.
KonseptS has a very unusual business model, one that places you at the centre. You choose the areas of collaboration in accordance with your budget.
KonseptS saves you not only a lot of time, but a great deal of money too!