The Boosting Company Incentives – Fascinating Albania

Albania is known for its pristine beaches at the Ionic coast, fascinating classical sites like the old Berat, undamaged Ottoman cities, impressive castles in the mountains, and the sparkling capital Tirana.
Destinations like the musea cities Berat and Gjirokastra, with cobble stone streets and well preserved Ottoman architecture throw us back into the fine moments of history of Albania.

Apart from its unique cities, beautiful beaches and a 362 km coastline, Albania is also very mountainous. Spectacular views assured. Culinary you will love the mix of Turkish, Greek and Italian influences.

Explore the coastline in a kayak. Or enjoy a sunset diner on the beach of Durresi. The nightlife in Tirana is very dynamic and offers many possibilities also.

Albania, chosen as top destination of the Lonely Planet Guide 2011, will no longer be undiscovered!